Todays outfit 24.04.17


Today I had to take a shoot like straight away at home. The day startet with heavy snowfall. Then rain.
And at the end some sun. Took advantage of that before it starts to rain again or something even nastier. Like snow. 

The outfit today is more on the casual side. Just a simple jeans and shirt, with a sweather if the weather is making some trouble. Shoes is the good looking brogues in black. 

I do all my editing in Lightroom CC 2017. A new program for me, but are getting more and more into it.
Just need to get them better into my blog. Its a little on the blurry side here. (Visit my Insta account for a moore non blurry picture)


Todays outfit
Shoes: Black Marco Battitsti Brogues
Jeans: Moods of Norway 
Shirt: Moods of Norway (Garden Gnome edition)
Sweater: Hampton Republic (Purple)
Watch: Silver Rolex Yacht-Master ll
Belt: Silver Hermes Buckle on black leather


Dont forget my Insta account, link in Bio. 


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26.04.2017 kl.11:30

Nice outfit. The combination of light and dark blue suits you. Have a nice day.


26.04.2017 kl.17:24

Corina: Thank you so much. Really appreciate that :)

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